About us

MTAC – we shape the future of learning.

We believe…
… that learning behavior in enterprises is constantly changing
… that time and capacity for learning diminishes outside of regular working hours
… that learning should not be seen as an end in itself but it has to lead to improved behavior and increased performance of the whole organization

Therefore we founded MTAC in 1995. With over 20 years of experience in Learning and Development, we promote organizational change. From two-day basic training to multi-year corporate support we offer you everything you need to develop your business. With specialized offers in the areas of training, consulting and assessment, we follow the credo "Learning for Life" - because only those who continue to seek new information and actively use new and engaging methods of instruction can truly create knowledge in the long term.

Our offices in Cologne, Berlin, Sofia, Boston and Shanghai employ 27 full-time employees. In addition, we have an extensive network of experts, allowing us to offer our consulting and training services in 13 different languages. Worldwide more than 60,000 seminar participants’ have benefitted from our know-how. Our customers include small, medium and large businesses, mainly in the fields of Life Science and Chemistry, but also from finance, automotive industry and growth stage start-ups.


For a successful business it is crucial to continue to adapt to market demands, to identify opportunities and implement timely changes quickly and effectively. Simultaneously, it is important to integrate newly acquired knowledge into long-term routine company processes. Our Performance Support comes in where training ends: in everyday working life. We want your staff to benefit from their new knowledge presented in seminars and workshops methods by being able to retrieve this information at any time.

We support you by using factsheets, quizzes and various other materials help to anchor the fresh expertise in memory. In addition, a customized learning software delivers the exact information and answers to individual users where and when they are needed. The program supports your employees in their daily work providing User and context-sensitive results. The result is the effective transfer of newly learned processes and topics into the workflow of each individual user - without interruptions, complications or errors.

  • 70 / 20 / 10

    Carefully customized and motivating trainings play a key role when it comes to initiating organizational changes and achieving measurable and sustainable effect. However, the knowledge gained in organized trainings and workshops only represents a small percentage of the entire learning spectrum. To fundamentally alter the behavior of individual employees or the mentality within an organization, it requires a complete holistic system. The most effective learning, long-term, is in the daily exchanges with colleagues and supervisors, as well as the challenges that employees encounter and must overcome during their daily work.

    The 70 / 20 / 10 model refers to the balance of styles of learning required for long-term success:

70% demanding tasks in the job

    • 20% interact with colleagues and managers

    • 10% formal learning such as training and textbooks


    The 70/20/10 strategy helps MTAC and our various national and international clients transfer knowledge and, most importantly, ensure this knowledge is integrated into the daily working lives of organizations.

  • 5 Moments of Need

    The 5 Moments of Need model, developed by Dr. Conrad Gottfredson, provides a coherent reference system for the creation of effective teaching tools and training activities. There are five different situations in which tailor-made support is needed for the job:


    1. The moment of new - if things are learned for the first time
    2. The moment of more - if the knowledge is deepened about certain topics
    3. The moment of apply - if newly learned skills on the job are applied
    4. The moment of solve - when problems arise and must be overcome
    5. The moment of change - for changes in existing methods, processes or tasks

For the first two situations knowledge is acquired mainly with formal methods such as structural training and e-learning.  For situations which require points 3 to 5 an extensive support system which is integrated into the daily work flow and is immediately available is needed.

With an accurate workflow analysis and years of experience in Performance Support MTAC helps your company to develop the right solution for every moment of need.

  • Job Task Analysis

    Each task performed during work is different and each task has its place. However, the trick is to allocate it in the entire context of the correct meaning - because not every topic can be dealt with in detail in courses and training.  Some tasks are more suited for review and learning during the daily workflow.

    The Job Tasks Analysis system provides a structured methodology to analyze the workflow within your organization and also define tasks and ranking of important according to their moment of need. Once we have jointly created such an analysis, we can help you to create a personalized learning plan for your employees and determine which content should be taught by means of formal techniques - and which by on-the-job support.

    In this way we can develop tailored and complete learning solutions for each of your employees, thus ensuring effective change through learning in your organization.


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